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Numerology Course. Morning or Evening Class 9 Lessons

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Doreen Van Boxtel

Numerology Course.

Morning Class: 10am - 11:30am
Evening Class: 7pm - 8:30pm

What is Numerology?. History of Numerology.
Numbers and their Meanings. Master Numbers. Karmic Numbers.
What is the Life Path, Birthday Number.
Learning about the Birth Chart. The strengths and weaknesses in the Birth chart.
Learn about Isolated numbers on the birth chart. Goal Numbers. Karmic Debts.
Working with the Birth name. How compatible is the name with the Life Path.
Name Chart strengths and weaknesses. Working on Business names. Pet names.
Car registration number. Phone numbers.
Working on the Temperament Chart. Name Changes.
Working on the Cycles in your life, the Challenges you have with each cycle.
The Pinnacles meanings. Working out and interpreting the Cycles, Challenges and pinnacles. Predicting the future using Numerology with Personal Years. Personal Months and Personal Days. How to Set up a Numerology Chart. Interpret the chart.
Name Transiting. Interpreting the chart.

A Certificate is issued on successful completion of the course.
9 Lessons. Cost per lesson $40.00

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