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Palmistry course with Paul Fenton-Smith

06 May 2018 - 20 May 2018
10:00am - 05:30pm
Every - Sunday
Posted By :
Paul Fenton-Smith

This course is for those who have little or no experience with hand reading, as it covers all the basics in a step by step manner. The mysteries of the hand are revealed through Paul's dynamic and insightful delivery, and all students hands are used to demonstrate the theories.

Students are requested not to wear fingernail polish so that we can examine the 'moons' or crescent shapes beneath the base of the fingernails and any nail ridging for confirmation of physical health. Colour, shape and size of the nails also reveals important information about your health.

This beginners course is suitable for those who want to understand themselves, or discover the hidden talents and character traits of friends and family members through the study of personality types as shown in the hands. It is also for those who want to know their most suitable career path, parents who want to guide their children towards interests and careers to which they are most suited and those who want to understand natures map of our lives.

Course content

As this is an introductory course, emphasis is given to practice readings, as we examine how the hands reveal our inner natures. This course covers:
• the five basic hand types and their corresponding approaches to life.
• how the mounts of the hands reveal the personality types and health concerns.
• how to recognise personality types from their physical build, complexion, mannerisms etc.
• the Life, Head and Heart lines.
• confirming past events through the lines.
• predicting future events through reading the lines.
• the Fate line and your career.
• the Sun line and creativity.
• how the Family Chain reveals your emotional connection to family.
• the Relationship Lines and the Lines of Children.

Paul offers fun courses and it's an opportunity to learn in supportive surroundings with like-minded people. BYO hands!

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