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Psychic Development course with Paul Fenton-Smith

11 Mar 2018 - 25 Mar 2018
10:00am - 05:30pm
Every - Sunday
Posted By :
Paul Fenton-Smith

This practical, hands-on course offers a solid framework for your psychic development, in a positive and supportive environment. It is a powerful beginners course, and covers all the basics in a step by step manner. Previous knowledge is not required. This course offers you:

• improved intuitive skills developed through games, exercises and hands on experience, setting you up for your own ongoing intuitive development.
• psychic protection techniques for improving your protection as your intuition develops.
• simple guided meditations which you can practice at home.
• aura vision techniques which are simple and effective.
• psychic etiquette / boundaries, to help you to avoid trespassing into the auric energy fields of others, which may open you to receiving the same from them.

This course is based on Paul's extensive experience as a clairvoyant, and it is approached in a fun, yet practical manner. Day one reveals the importance of psychic protection. Day two involves exploring your natural intuition through games and a variety of exercises, while day three examines psychic cleansing and the traditional tools used by professional psychics for prediction.

Based on Paul's book Intuition, this course offers a practical foundation to psychic development.

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