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Tarot beginners course with Paul Fenton-Smith

09 Sep 2018 - 23 Sep 2018
10:00am - 05:30pm
Every - Sunday
Posted By :
Paul Fenton-Smith

This inspiring course is for students with little or no experience in the tarot. Confidence in giving readings is encouraged through watching demonstrations and giving readings to fellow students under supervision.

Paul brings the tarot to life with his humorous and insightful delivery, using anecdotes, real life examples and demonstrations. Bring some questions to ask the cards during the demonstrations and practice sessions.

This introductory course covers:
• the history of the tarot.
• one card readings.
• reading with reversed cards for increased clarity.
• using intuition when reading.
• the Major and the Minor Arcana.
• the four paths to fulfilment through the four suits.
• astrology in relation to the tarot (including the lesson for each sign of the zodiac).
• how to word difficult questions for accuracy.
• demonstration readings with volunteers and regular practice sessions.
• role play to better understand the major Arcana.

Cards Used - We use the Rider Waite tarot deck and you’ll need to bring a pack with you to the course. We have decks for sale if you need one.

Course notes

The course notes are provided in the form of Paul Fenton-Smith’s book The Tarot Revealed which is included in the course price. This allows each student to focus on the process instead of taking notes continuously. You'll also receive additional notes (around 20 pages) bound in a workbook at the start of the course.


A certificate is granted to those who successfully complete written and practical assessments. The practical component involves giving a short (30 minute) reading to a stranger. This reading is recorded and the client receives the recording. Assessments are optional. It is necessary to complete and log down 50 readings before sitting for an assessment. Assessments are by appointment only and can be completed at your leisure. The fee for an assessment is $95. and a client will be provided for the practical part of the assessment.

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