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Tarot Course, 16 Lessons. Morning or Evening

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Doreen Van Boxtel

Tarot Course. [16 Lessons].

Starts Date: Tuesday 4th July 2017
Morning: 10am - 11:30am
Evening: 7pm - 8:30pm

Cost: $40.00 per lesson

The first 8 weeks we cover the Major Arcana.
The last 8 weeks we cover the Minor Arcana.
Each week we cover the symbolism on each of the 78 cards and the meaning for the 78 cards.

We work with the colours/ numbers and symbolism of every 78 cards.
We discuss psychic protection and grounding doing readings.

Tarot spreads. Practice readings.
How to do a good reading. Tarot ethics.

Sign and planetary rulers of the Major Arcana.
Intuition in readings.
Difficult readings, what to do when drawing a blank.

The elements of the Minor Arcana.

A certificate will be issued on the successful completion of the course.

Approved Training Provider I.I.C.T

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