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Dr Linet Amalie

Psychic Medium Reiki Master and medical Intuitive

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Dr Linet Amalie is University qualified Practitioner offering a non judgmental & empathetic Professional Listening Service to the Psychic Industry and a Professional Member International Psychic Association.

My Vision – To raise the consciousness of Humanity by enabling ‘Awakening of Self & Being’ through Healing, Awareness & Education.

Dr Linet Amalie is now offering a Professional Listening Service to the Psychic Industry being a University qualified Practitioner who can offer a totally non judgmental and empathetic approach working alongside the Professional Medium & Psychic.

This is a new service and can assist in maintaining quality standards as well as prevent secondary trauma and burnout for the Professional using different modalities to help solve any issues or negative patterns that may be affecting their practice

Dr Linet Amalie is a Sensitive, Empath, Intuitive and Psychic Medium who acknowledged her gifts from a young age. During her childhood, she would lie in bed and 'watch the movies' on the wall telling her mum what was happening. These visions were of the future and happened just as she said they would. This was encouraged by her mother who also had 'the gift of intuition' coming from a long European heritage, her family line is traced back to Germany, Austria/Barvaria and Prussia in the 1700's.

As a young girl, she pointed at the television informing her family 'that man' would be prime minister of Australia, she would not have known at the tender age of 9 anything about politics or who Bob Hawke was. She was then guided to use her gift to help others as she trained as a nurse where her insight and intuition assisted her when assessing and treating patients often discussing with the doctor her 'gut feeling' and proffering a medical diagnosis. These insights have held true as part of her ongoing work in the health industry has led her to assist the client when they seek diagnosis enabling her to link the person into the right area for treatment.

She uses these gifts as part of her healing modality through her Readings, Transference Healing, Reiki and Counselling sessions focusing only on positive changes that can happen for the person should they wish to pursue this avenue and advice.

There is no such thing as 'Time' in the Universe. Human experience understands Earth time which for some when connecting with 'the other side" can be frustrating.

You see loved ones who have passed over when making contact during a reading normally send helpful information or messages through to the client. Often, it is the client who expects this information about change to happen "immediately" and can then be disappointed with the outcome as the person's patience for these events to happen or develop is often lacking as we as humans expect instant gratification which sadly does not occur.

This leads us to seek out other psychics and mediums for clarification and confirmation which is why there has been such a huge increase in demand for readings over the last 20 years.

The awareness of this alternative healing industry has blossomed due to the development of online social media, interest in local and world events as well as new age information including a shift away from mainstream religions.

Linet is a quiet achiever who delivers messages with kindness, compassion and empathy along with counselling methods learned over a lifetime of dealing with people.

Nothing in the future is set in concrete and it is up to the individual to embrace the changes that can occur and learn from these as they happen.


  • Corporate Functions
  • Email
  • Face to Face
  • Phone
  • Psychic Dinners
  • Psychic Parties
  • Skype Readings


  • Counsellor
  • Healer
  • Meditation
  • Medium
  • Psychic Reader
  • Reiki
  • Tarot Card Reader
  • Teaching


  • Area Metropolitan Regional
  • Victoria

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