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Jacqui Cooper

It's Time To Heal

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All my life I have just known things about people, I have known they were sad when they were laughing, I knew they were insecure when they were acting confidant. I would know when a relationship was breaking down, via a photo, and that a person’s loved one was sick, when I would see a disguised tear. My colleagues would laugh, when they saw that I would regularly hug my new clients and receive one in return, without hesitation. I knew I made people feel better and I enjoyed the gratification I received from that, even when their problems became shared.

Here’s the kicker

There are many of us out there, who are more sensitive, more giving of our emotions and hearts. We attract others for various reasons; we are sometimes condemned for our empathic natures, when it is actually a ‘gift’ we simply need to manage.

It’s now Time To Heal.
My heart swells as I follow this path which allows me to understand how, when a hand is offered to someone in pain, either in their etheric or physical body, an energetic connection can actually heal and an open heart can be a light in the shadows.

My passion for you

Is to help to allow you to stand in your own power, for you to feel peace and joy in your heart. Empower yourself, feel you have meaning for your future and are able to stand in front of that mirror and love yourself, allowing others, to bask in your own light.

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