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Mitzi Azzopardi

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Mitzi Azzopardi has been working as a professional psychic medium for over six years. She has been a guest on radio programs and sees groups and private clients for readings. She is based in Sydney's SouthWest.

Mitzi has been aware of her intuitive gifts and her ability to contact spirit and receive information from spirit since childhood. After a lifelong study of astrology, numerology, psychometry, meditation, psychology, neuroplasticity and natural therapies, the progression to becoming a professional psychic medium comes as no surprise and perhaps is no accident either! It has been a very natural and organic process and is a whole other story in itself...

A reading with Mitzi is a collaboration between psychic and client; most people instinctively know that "something is out there" and Mitzi will help a client to get the most accurate and personalised reading possible. During a reading she uses a customised combination of psychometry, numerology, tarot and mediumship. This practical yet highly empathetic approach has allowed Mitzi to help hundreds of clients to find peace of mind, clarity and confirmation in their lives and has made her a highly sought-after psychic.

Mitzi is currently developing courses to help others harness their own intuitive abilities and learn more about the psychic dimensions. This draws upon Mitzi's extensive prior experience of over 10 years as a qualitfied adult educator and Corporate Trainer with some of Australia's leading private organisations and Government institutions. This is another natural progression in her career as more and more people approach her to help them develop their own abilities and learn more of the psychic relm. These courses and this website are an inital response to that need. Please contact us with expressions of interest in further training courses.


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