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Ian Cameron

Master Palm Reader

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Ian Cameron, Your Life is in your hands.

Ian Cameron is a highly skilled and intuitive Palm Reader, well known and much sort after at Psychic Fairs, Festivals and his on home on Dangar Island, Hawksbury River.
Ian applies his knowledge of this powerful ancient art, giving insight to your subconscious mind and directs you to the opportunity to reach your full potential for a successful , adventurous life.
Master Palmist Ian Cameron, is more than you every day palm reader. Not that palm readers are people we encounter every day. I was intrigued with his story and the way he developed his gift over the years. I watched him read a lady’s palm. We were both impressed. Ian is a very gifted reader. During the reading he is “zoned out” – and palm reading has developed into a very big part of his life.
My first expectation of a person who read palms is someone who knows the lines of the hand and reads – traditional stuff about life, love, money and happiness. I had never thought about the origin of this information – and just imagined there was a “book”. But research shows there are many, many books and and they are different. Each author has developed their own interpretations. This is true of Ian Cameron – he looks at the whole picture.

Ian Cameron’s First Reading
Ian’s first palm reading was from a teenage girl not much older than him at the time. She must have left an impression because years later Ian was also draw to palmistry. Through the years he read for family and friends who marveled at his accuracy. Whilst working on an tourist island Ian read for the staff and over the years and discovered re-occurring events linking to the same lines on many different palms.
With this information he was able to tweak and modify traditional meanings to his own discoveries. And with the encouragement of those close to him he started to read.

Ian Cameron and guests @ the Palm Reading Cave on Dangar Island.
Ian normally reads from a cave on Dangar Island just north of Sydney. Originally Ian and Joanne used the cave on their land for storage but one day Jo was massaging a client and a voice came to her: “You are the keeper of the cave”. From that day, they cleared the cave and Ian started reading there. The cave is peaceful and overlooks the trees and water. Ian tells the story of the cave first being used by Aboriginal People and he treasures its heritage and serenity.
During winter a fire burns to keep the area warm. Ian reads palms in natural sunlight. He believes there is a type of psychic ambiance in the cave.
If Ian wasn’t a palmist I believe he would be a great story teller. His life is full of wonderful adventures – including years on a boat with his family and then finally settling on Dangar Island.
Ian Cameron doesn’t claim to be a psychic palm reader but he does receive inspiration during readings – where does that come from? He can also be found reading at fairs and events with his wife Jo doing therapeutic massage


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