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Jackie Mortimer

Healing Spheres

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Welcome to Healing Spheres operated by Jackie.

Healing Spheres was registered in the year 2002 and Jackie is the founder and owner of Healing Spheres which is a business that assists individuals to connect to their true selves, find their inspiration, awaken their inner genius, unlock their psychic abilities and enhance their intuition.

Based in Melbourne, Jackie’s services include Consulting and Counselling in the areas of Relationships, Mental Health, Spirituality and Life Purpose. She also gives Angel Intuitive / Psychic, Clairvoyant and Mediumship Readings as well as facilitating workshops and speaking at events.

Jackie provides a wisdom toolbox that enhances emotional intelligence, empowers relationships, boost mental health, balance perceptions as well as creating a pathway to discover your life purpose.

Jackie also offers genuine guidance from the Angels for current and future situations covering relationships, life purpose, health and spiritual direction with clarity, accuracy and authenticity.

With her extensive education and wisdom, Jackie offers strategies to allow individuals to tap into their Divine Essence, empower their life, change their perceptions and be a master of their destiny.

Jackie offers a variety of Empowering and Angel workshops around the country and conducts private sessions on skype such as The Art of Letting Go, Dissolving your Fear, Clearing Guilt and Shame, Conflict Resolution, Dissolving Grief, Discover the Power of You as well as working with the Angels as the Angel of Light assisting individuals to enhance their inner senses and intuition, offering guidance, helping them to find their Life Purpose and bringing light into their challenges with love and grace.

Healing is essential in life to propel us to maintain healthy and loving relationships, to trust and be true to ourselves, boost our confidence and master our life.

Healing Spheres core mission is to open hearts, inspire and connect others to return to their divine wisdom and innocence.

 Book Private Consultations with Jackie whether it is for a reading or facilitating wherever you are in the world.

 Attend one of the workshops presented by Jackie

Healing Spheres invites you to explore this website at to discover more about Jackie’s services, what others are saying about her and what she loves.


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