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Mitzi Azzopardi

psychic medium

Nicky Marsten

Universal Connections

Patricia Dosiak

Psychic Mediumr, Sharmanic Healer, Past Life Therapes.

Prudence Mary

Psychic Reader & Energy Healer


Psychic, Spiritual Artist and Clearence

RIchard Slater

Psychic Tarot Reader, Intuitive Crystal Healer

Rod Bradshaw

Psychic Medium & Tarot Reader, Clairvoyant & Channeler

Shewolf Sharlene

Psychic Medium Spiritual Healer

Stacey Rangi

Psychic Reader, Medium, Angelic Reiki Healer.

Tarot with Trish

Psychic Tarot Reader, Palmistry, Numerology.

Tea with Karin

Tea Leaf Reader

Terri Fairbairn

The Above Average Medium

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Paul Fenton-Smith Now available
Tamlyn Wolfenden Now available
Florence King Now available
Greg Riley Now available
Psychic Isara Now available
Medicine Woman Now available
Christine Rose Now available
Amanda Hall Now available
Mitzi Azzopardi Now available
Kerry Sees Now available
The Healing Heart Now available